The name alone may conjure up thoughts of the 80’s hair metal scene and images and recollections of her hit single, “Kiss ME Deadly,” a tune that ruled the charts for an untold amount of time back in the day. Throw these preconceived notions out of the window because Ms. Ford has reinvented herself and in the process has created a damn good disc. Gone are the pop-infused, anthemic rock tunes and sappy love ballads that were so prominent on her earlier works.

Many of the eighties bands have released records in the last few years that I feel have fallen flat and appear to be forced efforts; the result of a bad debt or obligation to a record company. By comparison, Wicked Wonderland is a very good, relevant and contemporary CD that proves Ford still has the goods.

Tracks that are personal favorites of mine are the opener “Crave,” which starts things off with a jolt, immediately greeting the listener with a mesmerizing groove that will suck them in and not let go. “Piece (Hell Yeah)” is built around a simple but very catchy slide guitar riff that is quite impressive. Lastly, I really enjoyed the tune “Betrayal” because it is heavy and energetic and down right enjoyable to listen to.

Wicked Wonderland is a darker more aggressive record than I would have expected from Ford. Her talent as a writer and a musician is evident as this disc has a more mature feel to it. This is a very good record and one that I think deserves to be checked out. Welcome back Lita.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Crave
02. Piece (Hell Yeah)
03. Patriotic SOB
04. Scream 4 Me
05. Inside
06. Wicked Wonderland
07. Indulge
08. Love
09. Betrayal
10. Sacred
11. Truth
12. Everything
13. Bed
14. Garden
15. Push

Run Time: 65:32