If you ask a metal head what they look for in a band they will usually state these four properties: heaviness, thrash, technical and energy. These properties are the make and break standard for bands in metal. Derelict, a band from Montreal, Quebec has conquered all four on their latest album Unspoken Words.

The first and most important part of a metal band is heaviness. This property is a stepping stone to construct the rest of the music. Derelict delivers a heavy and powerful sound. Distorted guitars, double bass, blast beats on the drums and piercing screaming vocals help to bring the gargantuan sound these mighty metalers have created. After finding the level of heaviness, a band starts to work out the speed of the song, slow for a dark feel or a fast slashing sound. Derelict have incorporated fast thrashing songs throughout “Unspoken Words”. The faster the music the crazier the end result will sound.

Other bands may have felt their work was done here and call it a final product but not Derelict. At this point their work was only half accomplished and they proceeded to put more effort and time into their sound so as to further complex the songs with added technicalities. This step can make or break a band depending how well it can be accomplished. Derelict has pulled off slick riffs all over this record giving great diversity between songs. For more variety, solos are also featured on this record such as in the song “Part 2: Never Reborn”. Lastly, it was time to put the finishing touches on the album and give off the Derelict energy vibe. As you listen to this record you can feel the aggression that the band has put into each song. As I listen to this disc I want to share the energy, get up and run around. Unspoken Words is a great record for any metal head who needs a good pick up to get on with the day. Coffee for the ears.

Along with great metal tunes, Unspoken Words also has an appealing visual presentation of the album. The art on the record was done by Cate Francis (Adolyne, Carbon Dating Service, The New Jacobin Club) who has won awards with her art. She has delivered dark ambient drawings for the record helping to heighten the releases’ overall mood. Looking at the booklet makes me think of desperate times in a society where people must fight to live. The overall art levels with the music creating one ultimate package.

Overall Derelict delivers a explosive sound that can appeal to fans of all types of metal. The album Unspoken Words gives the reason why Kerosene Media/Year Of The Sun have picked up such an intense band. I can see a future for this band within the metal scene, gaining a big following and possibly becoming the next big sound after a few years of touring. This record/band is for fans of Children Of Bodom, Strapping Young Lad, Behemoth and The Black Dahlia Murder.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Machete
02. Pirates
03. Summoning the Firestorm
04. Forth with the Herd
05. Polarized
06. Xenocide
07. The Blood of Life
08. Unspoken Words 0: Ripe with Martyrs
09. Unspoken Words 1: Demonizing
10. Unspoken Words 2: Never Reborn
11. Unspoken Words 3: Surrounded by Decline
12. Unspoken Words 4: The Names of the Dead

Run Time: 48:07
Release Date: 06.23.2009

Check out the song: “Machete”