Skullage is a tour de force DVD that provides incredible insight into one of Metal’s most enigmatic axe shredders. Zakk Wylde started his career playing with Ozzy and indeed, for many years now he has been the driving force behind the legendary madman. However, Wylde has also been the heart on soul of his own project, Black Label Society, a straightforward metal act that has been tearing it up for a number of years now.

Skullage includes the necessary elements of any good DVD; there are lots of videos and live performances, some electric and some acoustic. The place that I feel the DVD shines the most is in the section entitled “Welcome To The Compound.” It is here that viewers can get an intimate, behind the scenes look into the guitarist’s inner sanctum, sort of like an episode of MTV Cribs. Viewers are shown his garage/weight room where they are treated to a clip of Wylde exercising on the treadmill while drinking beer, sort of a two for one deal. There is also a nice piece that highlights all of his guitars and equipment.

The highlight for me on this DVD is a segment that pays tribute to one of Wylde’s close friends, and guitarist extraordinaire, the late “Dimebag” Darrell. As a long time fan of “Dimebag” the narrative from Wylde on the day his friend died combined with video of the two friends hanging out is a poignant piece that I found to be bittersweet, yet incredibly enjoyable.

The most interesting and entertaining aspect of the DVD, (outside of the music of course) is a whimsical segment of Wylde dressed in a pretty, pink sun dress embracing his extensive Barbie Doll collection. This sets up a series of scenes in which we are privy to the burly guitarist engaged in various routine activities all while donning a sundress. While this may not seem like a visual you might want in your head for all to long, (it was hard for me to shake as well) I did find it entertaining and at times downright funny.

Bottom line, Skullage is a great package that I think fans of the band and guitarist will absolutely dig. Those not familiar with his work might very well dig this as well as it provides tremendous insight into the playing and the personal life of this larger than life guitar hero.

Program Listing:

Spoke In The Wheel (from Doom Trooping European Invasion)
All For You (from Boozed, Bruised and Broken Boned)
13 Years Of Grief (from Boozed, Bruised and Broken Boned)
Bleed For Me (from Boozed, Bruised and Broken Boned)

Music Videos:
Suicide Messiah
In This River
Fire It Up
New Religion

Welcome To The Compound (Interview Feature)
Slightly Amped (Live in Lehigh Valley)
Instrumental Intro
The Blessed Hellride
Spoke In The Wheel
We Live No More

Total Time: 115 minutes
Release Date: April 21, 2009

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