what’s The Skinny? here’s the deal. There are SO many sick bands out there that just don’t get enough love. Well, with The Skinny, that’s all going to change. We have taken it upon ourselves to get together and bust out a list once a month where we tell you about a handful of sick-ass bands that we feel NEED to be heard. Signed or unsigned, new or old, these are just bands that deserve some additional attention. We challenge you to take the time to check each one out; they are amazing, they are loved, and now they have been Skinned.

01. Mayday Parade (Rock, Emo, Indie) [ skinned by: Amber Dasch ]
the skinny: I saw these guys play warped tour in 2008 after being snatched up by A Lesson in Romantics. Their live performance wasn’t what I had expected, and somewhat turned me off to the band. But after finding out that their new album, Anywhere but Here, was newly released, I decided to give the band a second listen, and found something very unexpected. Mayday’s dynamic has completely changed. New creative riffs, deep lyrics, and a new vocal pitch has given this band exactly what they need.
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02. Super Extra Bonus Party (Electronica, Indie, Hip Hop) [ skinned by: James Hendicott ]
the skinny: Ireland based Super Extra Bonus Party might have a particularly dumb name, but they’re also fast becoming the stars of a Prodigy-influenced electro-rock scene alongside their more mainstream colleagues Jape. Incorporating intense riffs with plenty of samples and mixes, as well as including countless other local acts in their stunning debut Nighthorses, Super Extra Bonus Party is a modern day, enticing mish-mash of musical styles that comes out of the blender as a manic, tuneful ass-shaking party. Sumptuous.
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03. You Say Party! We Say Die! (Punk, New Wave) [ skinned by: Amanda Symynuk ]
the skinny: You Say Party! We Say Die! Is a spunky band from Western Canada who will be filling Canadian’s ears with their bouncy beats on their fall and winter tour. Their sound is more new wave then punk. The guitars are quite twangy with some electronic sounds from the keyboard. If they put as much energy into their live show as they do into their recordings it would definitely be a fantastic live show beat the frigid winter by enjoying a dance or two.
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05. The Wildhearts (Rock, Metal, Pop Punk) [ skinned by: Will Lyon ]
the skinny: The Wildhearts are one of those bands that (thankfully) never go away for long. After forming in 1989, The Wildhearts have released nine studio albums and never once has the music got repetitive, boring or stale. They are a fine example of a band perfectly mixing hard rock and pop together with their crunching distortion with infectious melodies. Recent release Chutzpah! is a simply fantastic hard rock album and is well worth a listen. There’s no doubt they are one of the most underrated bands on the planet.
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we want YOUR input! so do you think we suck at skinning bands? Do you have a group that you want to see posted here? Well then take two minutes and send us an email to mail[at]puregrainaudio.com with your thoughts. We’ll take each letter seriously and with any luck you’ll see your nomination live in one of our future installments of The Skinny!

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