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The Junction – “Another Link In The Chain” [Album Review]

‘Fast’, ‘catchy’ and ‘upbeat’ are the three prominent words to describe The Junction’s new album, Another Link In The Chain.



‘Fast’, ‘catchy’ and ‘upbeat’ are the three prominent words to describe The Junction’s new album, Another Link In The Chain. This record is packed with some fantastic indie pop. However, “Miles In Denial” and “Hymns Of The Night” are much welcomed slower songs as the album otherwise bounces through three-minute tracks, one after another.

It’s rare to find a catchy, upbeat indie band that actually has respectable lyrics accompanying the music rather than the cheesy lines found straight off the rhyme book that bands so often use (Rivers Cuomo, take note!). The Junction have made a fantastic album with pop hooks flying everywhere, while not quite letting go of the raw energy that Brent, Matt & Mike contain.

It is hard to find a stand out track in what is such a continual high standard of music. However, track 7; “Level With Me” is one of them. It’s like the Strokes have temporarily stolen the instruments of the band, while singer Brent Jackson keeps the microphone well away from Sir Drone-A-Lot, Julian Casablancas. The song contains fantastic twanging guitars, a constant thumping bass line and rapid drums. There are even snaps of trumpet during the choruses, just to give the song that little bit of individuality. It’s no doubt the best song on the album, but that’s not to say the others aren’t of quality too.

I struggle to find anything to criticise the band with. It’s not perfect, but there sure isn’t anything wrong either! It’s a simple, happy-go-lucky album that I’m sure will have thousands of indie fans across the world tapping their feet. There are not enough upbeat bands with quality substance like The Junction these days.

Track Listing:

01. Birds Of Prey
02. No Road
03. My Love Was There
04. Pick Your Battles
05. Miles In Denial
06. Out Of Here
07. Level With Me
08. Under The Night Sky
09. Lonely Road
10. Hymns Of Night

Run Time: 37:31
Release Date: July 28, 2009