Only two songs in and I’m already loving the catchy harmonies. So this group and record aren’t going to be a huge commercial success, but sometimes it’s better to win the smaller victories. And in this case, the fans are the ones to benefit the most.

Most bands suffer from the notable sophomore slump, but every good record is made with past experiences and I think the guys from So They Say are testing the waters, pushing boundaries and are off to a good start with this record and producer Matt Hyde. The whole album is a consistent effort, an effort that shouldn’t be heavily criticized for a band that’s new to the game. You can see a growth and maturity shine through the record and after a few listens you start to get it.

A catchy and melodic effort, So They Say are on their way to making some great music, as long as they can withstand the ever-changing musical trends, line-up changes and staying true to themselves and their fans. Past fans will admire their growth and slight change in direction, new fans will find them interesting and what their new line up will bring in their forthcoming album will hopefully only continue to improve.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Just Forget My Name
02. These Nights Are Long
03. Wake Me Up
04. An Apology
05. I Won’t Tell
06. Whisper Of Sin
07. You’re Welcome
08. Close Range
09. A Defeated Accomplishment
10. Hand of God
11. Nuclear Sunshine

Run Time: 38:04
Release Date: 10.09.2007