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Album Review


World Painted Blood (11.03.2009)



World Painted Blood is a masterpiece of molten metal. With the release of their newest CD, the masters of the genre are back and better than ever. The first thing I noticed about this record was that it was very akin to the earlier, what I would consider better, releases from the band. The tunes are stripped down to the bare bones which I feel gives them more of that authentic, in-your-face Slayer sound that I loved so much on discs like Hell Awaits and Reign In Blood. I believe World Painted Blood is truly the band at the top of their game. Every song pounds you senseless while still leaving you pleading for more, (thank you sir, may I have another).

I can honestly say that I have been grooving on every song on this disc since I received it. There are a few tracks, however, that stand out to me as being exceptional. The opener and title track, “World Painted Blood” is destined to become a Slayer classic, it is that good. With a rollicking thrash groove laid down by Kerry King and Jeff Haneman and the commanding, menacing vocals of Tom Araya this tune is off the chain.

I also found myself drawn to and fully engaged by, “Americon” and “Not Of This God.” Both of which I feel are vibrant and fresh but still manage to maintain that old school thrash flavor to them.

World Painted Blood is truly an unbelievable album that should be an absolute must for metal fans everywhere. It is everything one would expect from the mighty Slayer and then some. After more than two decades in this business I feel the band has finally released what I think might be their best effort yet.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. World Painted Blood
02. Unit 731
03. Snuff
04. Beauty Through Order
05. Hate Worldwide
06. Public Display Of Dismemberment
07. Human Strain
08. Psychopathy Red
09. Playing With Dolls
10. Not Of This God

Run Time: 39:51