Noriega’s debut EP Deslolo is a rage-packed, metal fest filled with jagged drum beats and a whole ton of screaming. The album overall leads one to assume that fans have a cohesive and well made record to look forward to. Assumptions are often wrong, and though there may be a lot of meticulous work herein, the record is not quite perfect.

The first song, “Ballocaust”, is totally epic. Normally a long song, one that is about 8 minutes or longer, is not a bad thing… if done well. However, this track goes on for so long that it makes it seem like the whole EP has been blended together into one long jam. Unfortunately “Ballocaust” slows down and speeds up several times throughout and boasts some really quiet intervals which all make the song seem to go on forever; thus losing my attention completely. What’s worse is that near the end of the song, it pretty much sounds like someone banging a drum while the vocalist screams his lungs out; not quite interesting.

Usually I use music to escape from my everyday life. In this case the lead singer compliments my everyday life instead… he is akin to the screaming baby who lives in the apartment downstairs. Negatives aside, although the first song was not the greatest, the rest of the preview does go on to quickly improve. Thankfully!

In general, the songs the band chose to put on the EP are really good. For example, I love the drum roll at the beginning of “Life By Myself” because it’s a great introduction to the song. Noriega’s sound is definitely original, as it is really hard to compare them to any other band in particular. Clearly, they have found their niche in the metal world and it would be a treat to hear more (and better) music from them in the future.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Ballocaust
02. Bernard
03. Detriment
04. Life By Myself
05. You Are God Songs

Run Time: ??:??