Korpiklaani seem to play for the mere enjoyment of the music; that notion (and their music) sends tingles down my spine. Though they do add accordion, violin and other musical instruments to their sound, they manage to keep it all fairly simple. These additions in no way take away from the music’s impact at all, but rather have somewhat of an entrancing effect which will surely win you over. The group is able to craft ingenious songs that have a charm that attach to you and don’t let go. A large part of Korpiklaani’s appeal is in their ability to grab the listener and bring them on an unforgettable ride.

Before actually listening to Korplikaani one might be under the impression that their music falls in the realm of acoustic folk. Though these elements may be present, there is definitely some metallic bite to be found as well. Therefore, change your expectations for this album slightly and you might be better prepared for what Korpiklaani has to throw at you. If you head into the music with an ear for fun, then you’ll derive enough pleasure from it all. The band simply has the time of their lives playing the songs and the passion soaked into the experience makes it all the easier to enjoy the album throughout. A track most notably infected with the band’s lust for playing is “Vesilahden Veräjillä”.

Perhaps, there might be a bit of improvement to be found if the band varied their styles a bit more and incorporated more quiet segments into the mix. On the other hand, this is best reserved for a future release. Korpiklaani seem to work well together as a team and get the best possible sound from what’s being recorded – Tervaskanto is a good example of this. They have the unity and skill to continue producing equally impressive releases. Watch out for the next ones!  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Let’s Drink
02. Tervaskanto
03. Viima
04. Veriset Äpärät
05. Running with Wolves
06. Liekkiön Isku
07. Palovana
08. Karhunkaatolaulu
09. Misty Fields
10. Vesilahden Veräjillä
11. Nordic Feast

Run Time: 42:31
Release Date: 06.26.2007