If you haven’t heard of Finger Eleven, then you most likely live under a rock. Notably one of Canada’s finest, the band have released this tasty little DVD number. With over 2.5 hours of video footage and new music, it’s any Finger Eleven fan’s dream come true.

The best part of the DVD is that fans didn’t have to wait a long time for its debut. With the live footage being recorded in the same year. All of Finger Eleven’s music videos are included, along with interviews from VH1, their epic performance at the 2007 Much Music rooftop, and previously unreleased material.

From a production point of view, I think it was tastefully done. It has everything you want in a DVD; great sound, sharp images, and a cool atmosphere. Most importantly it has all the videos, so you don’t have to YouTube any of them, oh wait, that was me!

My favourite Finger Eleven track of all time is probably “First Time”, released after the days of the Rainbow Butt Monkeys, and thankfully they changed the name. Why? Because it’s one of those songs that can be played even today and sounds so good. Having unreleased songs on this DVD is like buying a whole new CD, and that makes it worth the price alone. All in all, this is a very complete and extremely well compiled package that is a must for all F11 fans.

Run Time: 216 minutes
Released: May 1, 2008

Check out the: “Best Buy Commercial”