Dischord creates a wave of thrash energy and their musical presence is certainly felt throughout this EP. They have some quick riffing which is somewhat reminiscent of Iced Earth’s distinctive brand of bravado-laden material. The music demonstrates a band wanting to blend aggression with versatility; displaying their capabilities of doing so somewhat strongly. The performing is of a pretty good quality, but the vocals take a slight backseat. There sort of pig-noise type singing is perhaps better suited for death metal than this style of thrash. Though this may seem like only a small complaint, the vocals do reasonably affect the overall quality of the disc.

The amount of a frenzy Dischord create with their playing shows they have the chops to create something more interesting. But, the overall product is slightly less astonishing than it could be and instead shows an outfit that’s in need of some fine tuning. The structure and nicely-paced sections on “AK-47” undoubtedly demonstrates the band can create good thrash metal. Again, there are points in the songs where the band plays at different and more compelling tempos and in all the effort is alright, albeit a little imbalanced. Dischord should definitely explore varying their guitar techniques to give their music more girth.

Again, there are moments of promise to be found on Siege of Darkness, but the band seem to be incapable of bringing it all together consistently. As a thrash album, this release does have some merit, but I’ve certainly heard far better.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Treblenka
02. AK-47
03. NukeFace
04. Dysfuctional Conformity
05. Siege of Darkness
06. Angels Inferno

Run Time: 38:56