Force Fed Lies is the latest release from the metal band Dirge Within. The CD is a super heavy, brutal and lethal mix of heavy guitars, catchy riffs and growling vocals all adding up to a heavy-as-hell auditory battering comprised of unbelievably straight ahead metal tunes. Guitarist Shaun Glass took a moment to discuss the band and the writing process behind the new disc, Force Fed Lies.

Different groups have unique ways of writing their songs. How do you guys go about writing your music? Is it a collective effort or is it more the efforts of one particular member of the band?
Shaun: I usually have a riff and then it goes from there. A lot of my songs just flow once I have the key riff to the song. I always make sure that the riff is very strong, this makes the rest of the parts easy. Sometimes the best songs are the ones written in fifteen minutes. The music comes first then the words after.

The name of the band Dirge Within is interesting to say the least and sounds as if there is a story behind it. Where did the name come from and what is the story?
Shaun: Well, we were just called Dirge but then there were too many old and new bands using this name so we had to think of something along the lines and keep true to the plan. The name fits our music dark, somber and within all of us. We are a metal band no denying it.

Give us some insight into the record Force Fed Lies and the meaning behind its title?
Shaun: The album I feel is a good solid collection of fresh metal. I feel we have made a record that is modern, but stays true to some of the classic sub genres in the scene. The title track is about a soldier sent off to a war that is not his, but he fights through it all.

What can fans expect when they pick up a copy of Force Fed Lies?
Shaun: Lots of hooks, brutal riffs, shredding solos and a wall of sound!

When you begin to put an album together, are you concerned at all about commercial success?
Shaun: Of course, but at the same time more of the focus is on making sure each song is as strong as the other.

How is the current economic slump affecting your band?
Shaun: I think less people are buying albums, but there are still a lot coming to the shows. It’s a shame, but it is the reality of the times we’re in.

What are some of the songs you get the best audience response to?
Shaun: I think, “As I Walk” it is one of the faster songs and it works amazing live. “Self Medicate” is an epic song and gets the crowd in the mood as well.

When you are out on the road anything can happen and often does. Can you think of any disastrous events that happened while out on tour? How did you solve the problem?
Shaun: Not really, maybe a tire blows out but then, we are prepared for most things that can happen out here.

What is next for Dirge Within?
Shaun: Tour a lot and maybe begin work on some new songs!

Any Closing words?
Shaun: Thanks for the support and we will see you on tour.  [ END ]