what’s The Skinny? here’s the deal. There are SO many sick bands out there that just don’t get enough love. Well, with The Skinny, that’s all going to change. We have taken it upon ourselves to get together and bust out a list once a month where we tell you about a handful of sick-ass bands that we feel NEED to be heard. Signed or unsigned, new or old, these are just bands that deserve some additional attention. We challenge you to take the time to check each one out; they are amazing, they are loved, and now they have been Skinned.

01. In-Flight Safety (Indie, Rock, Pop) [ skinned by: Andrew “The” King ]
the skinny: This isn’t normally the kind of thing I’m into, but these guys are too good to ignore. Take that element of Coldplay that your mother loves, add some shimmering guitar with the occasional rock-out section, and you’ve got IFS. The band has been making waves on the east coast for years, and it’s about time they crack over to Ontario. Check out their latest, We Are An Empire, My Dear, relax however you relax, and enjoy. I’ll pick something heavy next time.
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02. Everlasting Abattoir (Progressive, Hardcore, Metal) [ skinned by: Amber Dasch ]
the skinny: Although they have only just begun their musical career, Everlasting Abattoir is full of potential, open minds, and confidence. As of now, they are beginning to record some of their first songs, and are hoping to schedule shows in the local area soon. Any metal kid would enjoy this fast paced, energetic band.
links: MySpace

03. Girls (Tropical, Gothic, Thrash) [ skinned by: James Hendicott ]
the skinny: Pete Doherty, Britain’s drug-addled, overtly emotional indie-rock hero’s not dead. Nobody told Girls, though, who – fronted by a similarly substance abusing singer who grew up traveling around Asia with an obscure, prostituting cult – have just released a not entirely originally titled debut album called… er… Album. The San Francisco lads (none of them are, in fact, Girls) wrote the songs on their debut LP for a bit of fun in the evenings, never expecting to create an album, and claim to have produced their summer-pop indie anthems nearly entirely on broken equipment. Amazing, then, that they sound so fresh. They picked up a record deal off the back of posting the odd song on the Internet – proving getting signed’s not that hard if you’re good enough = and are currently touring off the back of stunning tracks like “Lauren Marie”, “Laura and Lust for Life”.
links: MySpace

04. Volcanoless in Canada (Acoustic, Indie, Rock) [ skinned by: Robin Tarnowetzki ]
the skinny: It’s possible that I’m a little biased, considering the members of Volcanoless in Canada are from my hometown. These guys rock hard, no small feat for a band that just uses acoustic guitars, a bass, and drums. Their live show involves Kraft Dinner, which is probably all you need to know, but I’ll provide some more info. Their songs are insanely catchy acoustic rock, especially “Monster” off of their first album and “Mexican Circus (March to the Holly Dome)” off of their second album. A unique and talented band that deserves more exposure than they have.
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05. Punchline (Alternative, Pop, Punk) [ skinned by: Joey Slater ]
the skinny: With Fall Out Boy and Paramore enjoying the saccharine taste of success, it’s surprising that former label-mates Punchline are pretty much unheard of. Despite their somewhat unmemorable, vaguely ska-inspired first album, they grew into a pretty great band, with 2006 album 37 Everywhere arguably the highlight of their career so far. Punchline effortlessly blend sweet harmonies with straight up rock, in a way that really shines through in their live shows, and as they embark on a US tour throughout November you’d be doing yourself a favour to go and check them out. It is something of a shame that they haven’t seen as much international-level fame as other comparable bands, but on the plus side, you’re unlikely to be able to enjoy an intimate show and a post-gig beer with Fall Out Boy, right? Punchline – uncontrived rock at its best.
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06. Bleed The Sky (Metal) [ skinned by: Jenny Hopkins ]
the skinny: In an era when it seems so many metal bands sound the same, Oklahoma City four piece Bleed The Sky provides a refreshing heavy metal sound. While they have managed to stay some what underground, their video for “Sullivan” can occasionally be seen on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball. The band have released two albums, Paradigm in Entropy and Murder the Dance, both of which feature singer Noah Robinson’s unique vocal combination of screams and melodies with a blend of guitar, bass and drums that give them a sound like no other band out there right now. Check out the songs “Knife Fight In A Phonebooth” and “Bastion” on MySpace.
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07. Carnifex (Deathcore, Death Metal, Metal) [ skinned by: Chris Hoath ]
the skinny: Anybody looking for any sick Deathcore music? Well then you’re reading up on the right band. These guys are utterly insane; breakdowns, brutal screams, dirty pig squeals, and all out badass. These guys have two albums under their belts as it is, and are going into recording this November to unleash a third album. As mentioned before, if you like Deathcore, give them a listen. You won’t regret it!
links: MySpace | Last.FM

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