Though Redemption may bring forth some classy progressive metal similar to other bands of the same genre, the delivery is so splendid that you’ll embrace it nonetheless. The music features many shifts and turns and some virtuosic guitar playing that barely stays within musical boundaries. Combine these elements with the pace-setting rhythm guitars – which do an excellent job of keeping things at a brisk tempo – and you get some exciting music. Comparisons can be drawn to Fates Warning and at times certain bits of Dream Theater, but in the end the band does manage to sound like themselves.

Redemption manage to occupy a unique area of the progressive genre. One which only they can fill; their solid brand of progressive metal fills this gap quite well at that. With regards to the guitar work, there is just the right amount of stylistic playing without traversing into overly egotistic areas. Redemption is indeed tight and has the power to build a web of interest around their music. With all of the positives there does remain the fact that the music is somewhat devoid of a characteristic that would take it into the next level. Though great, the workings could be moderately better with added flair.

While “Blind My Eyes” is a great track that demonstrates the emotion Redemption is capable of emanating, “Fall on Me” on the other hand is a captivating work which is quite enchanting. Many of the songs carry a strong amount of spirit with them; Redemption does boast the ability to inject passion into their songs quite effectively.

Overall, The Origin of Ruins is a strong effort in the progressive metal genre and one that should not be overlooked by fans. As the band cruise on to create enjoyable music they are certainly worth a listen.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. The Suffocating Silence
02. Bleed Me Dry
03. The Death of Faith & Reason
04. Memory
05. The Origins of Ruin
06. Man of Glass
07. Blind My Eyes
08. Used to Be
09. Fall on You

Run Time: 57:16
Release Date: 04.03.2007