Germany is the birthplace of a wide variety of metal bands. Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray, Kreator and Avastasia are but a few that come to mind. One of Germany’s finest metal children goes by the name of Edguy. These 30-something year old metalheads have just released their long-awaited follow up to 2006’s Rocket Ride, with Tinnitus Sanctus. This is the band’s 8th full length album and it rocks!

With increasing heavy metal influences Tinnitus Sanctus is an extension of Edguy’s previous release Rocket Ride. The album starts off with the guitar drags of their first single “Ministry Of Saints”. This song is a stage setter for the heavy metal feel found on the rest of the album. Each track consists of simple, but heavy riffs with overlays of melodic guitar picking. The bass plays the key notes keeping the progression in sync for the guitars. The drumming is simple, keeping the songs heavy but non-aggressive.

Tinnitus Sanctus is a demonstration of the band’s versatility in music styles. Consistent with other Edguy albums are Tobias Sammet’s catchy vocal lines; yet again he has written sing-along songs such as “Dragonfly” and “9-2-9”. Edguy also produced a ballad named “Thorn Without A Rose”. The song slows the album down giving the listener a break from the regular fast-paced songs. If anyone has ever been to an Edguy show or listened to some of their past albums they will know they are not the most serious guys. This is evident on the last song “Aren’t You A Little Pervert Too?!” which is more of a country styled song. The song gives the listener a nice laugh with which to end the album.

Tinnitus Sanctus was released in different physical formats. There is a standard edition which just comes with the jewel case and 11 tracks or a double LP version. A digipack version was also released that is the same as the standard, but comes with a bonus live disco Live In Los Angeles. The last version is a special Nuclear Blast Records mail order edition which has the album in a tin case. If none of these physical versions fancy your taste you can always download it from iTtunes.

Anyone who wants more heavy metal in their music collection should check out Tinnitus Sanctus. This album will leave you wanting more Edguy. I listen to this album on repeat while singing along… and laughing as the last track plays.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Ministry of Saints
02. Sex Fire Religion
03. The Pride of Creation
04. Nine Lives
05. Wake Up Dreaming Black
06. Dragonfly
07. Thorn Without a Rose
08. 9-2-9
09. Speedhoven
10. Dead or Rock
11. Aren’t You a Little Pervert Too?!

Run Time: 53:36
Release Date: 01.27.2009