During these harsh economic times, fans may lack the financial resources for purchasing their favorite bands’ albums. In an effort to save on both cash and shelf space they may opt to buy digital music instead of the hard copy. Enter Edguy’s solution, The Singles, a compilation album compressing three of Edguy’s EPs into one solid release. The Singles is comprised of three previous albums: Superheros EP, Lavatory Love Machine single and King Of Fools EP.

The album begins with what has to be Edguy’s best song to date, “Superheros”, memorable for its music video featuring the band wandering around a town hunting playboy bunnies with suction cup darts. Two other singles featured on the album are “Lavatory Love Machine” and “King Of Fools”, both presented in their original 2004 versions and “Lavatory Love Machine” in an acoustic version as well.

In addition to the original three EPs The Singles features some b-sides such as “Holy Water” and “New Age Messiah”. There are also two good covers (“I’ll Cry For You (Europe)” and “The Spirit (Magnum)”) which do the originals justice for sure. For even more variety, the song “Judas At The Opera” has a guest appearance by Michael Kiske (Helloween).

After rocking to some familiar tunes on this compilation, hardcore Edguy fans will stumble upon the other commonalities. For instance, the album art (the aliens) and text has been recycled from Rocket Ride. So, if you don’t mind sacrificing the art work from the three original releases thenThe Singles is definitely an album for Edguy fans and other lovers of heavy metal. This release is for fans of Iron Maiden, Avantasia, Judas Priesta and Firewind.

Track Listing:

01. Superheros
02. Spooks In The Attic
03. Blessing In Disguise
04. Judas At The Opera
05. The Spirit
06. Superheros (Epic Version)
07. Lavatory Love Machine
08. Lavatory Love Machine (Acoustic Version)
09. I’ll Cry For You
10. King Of Fools
11. New Age Messiah
12. The Savage Union
13. Holy Water
14. Life and Times of a Bonus Track

Run Time: 77:04
Release Date: 02.10.2009

Check out the song: “Superheros”