So it’s the day before Halloween and the night after a show at Tattoo Rock Parlour on Queen St. West in Toronto, ON. It was one of these “secret shows” that seem to be happening a lot more often and really aren’t a secret at all. The band playing this secret show was none other than newly re-formed Creed. I haven’t really heard anything from these guys in a long time, not since before the hiatus. However, let me tell you, they are back in full force.

A lot of people hate on Creed and I really can’t figure why. Is it the Christian aspect? I’m not sure of the reason but one thing is for sure… fans were lined up around the block – literally – to see Creed do their thing. I’ve never seen Tattoo Rock Parlour so packed. Not even on those lame, wannabe “rock” nights.

Being a secret show, there were no opening bands and as such the night got off to a slow start when the doors opened a half hour late and Creed wouldn’t go on for another hour. The crowd started chanting their name and as the band came on stage, the fans went wild; screaming and cheering like you would expect in a much larger venue. Until last night, I could only remember a much slower, softer Creed. Needless to say, the first song blew me away and I was pleasantly surprised at how heavy it was.

The show was great but, they only played one or two songs that I’ve ever heard on the radio and skipped out on a lot of their hits. At one point the vocalist began singing at one of the guitarists and the guitarist would imitate him by ripping the notes out on his guitar. The guys put on an awesome show and the vocalist, Scott Stapp, definitely owned the stage.

Simply put, Creed was heavy, catchy and fast – with an acoustic song thrown in for good measure. After their set, they stood on stage, thanked the crowd, and handed out high-fives and autographs before heading off to the back room. The crowd continued to chant their name after they left, the realization that the set would only be an hour long and their chants would remain unheard, would only come once the lights and house music came on. My only problems with this show were the stage lights constantly in my eyes, the fact that somehow I ended up being one of the shorter people in the venue (which is a rare site) and couldn’t see the stage until I sat on the back of a bench. Plus I felt the set should’ve been longer with more past songs. Obviously the band felt it necessary to promote their newest release Full Circle instead. I suggest that if you are one of those who claim to not like Creed but you’re down with hard rock/post-grunge to check out a live show, and definitely check out the new album, you won’t be disappointed.  [ END ]

Check out the song: “With Arms Wide Open”