Black Cobra perform a groovy type of metal whose waves of distortion make for a quite distinctive style. One wants to sway their head along with the tunes as they make for an energetic mix. The band’s style is somewhat comparable to early Mastodon circa Remission though they do also share some common points with Stoner Metal. Black Cobra grind along at a nice pace and catch your attention with many wave-like rhythms. The type of music they perform may seem repetitive, but it manages to throw in enough change to maintain your interest throughout the length of the record; you’ll find yourself lost amongst the riffs.

Ultimately one might wish for more diversity in the music, but Black Cobra deliver a distortion-laden approach that can become addictive in spite of itself. The sounds they create are fuzzy and this does bring an admirable uniqueness to their music. The best way to understand what their sound is truly like is be checking out “Nefarian Triangle”; a solid tune. Again, some stoner classifications might abound and you may be tempted to compare them to Kyuss, but the music remains unique enough. Black Cobra definitely have a hypnotizing approach. Overall the the instrumentation on the album is of good quality with solid guitar playing and singing. I did wish they would just push a little further at times.

All in all Chromega is a good record for a person looking to jive a lot with their music. The band does mesmerize and the walls of sound that Black Cobra create ought to be appealing to a wide range of fans. Check them out; with or without some weed.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Negative Reversal
02. Machine
03. Catalyst
04. Chronosphere
05. Zero Point Field
06. Lightning In His Hand
07. Storm Shadow
08. Glacies En Spiritu
09. Nefarian Triangle

Run Time: 38:07
Release Date: 09.29.2009