Glam-rock? In the 21st century? Yep, you got it! We are the Fury, have brought the Glam-Rock train of revival along. Eyeliner and all, musically and vocally, this is a great effort. It combines old rock elements like popish piano bits and retro vocals, while still being current. The album sometimes makes me think I’m in a circus, other times at a cabaret bar, and sometimes and an old school rock show. It’s definitely an acquired taste, not many may appreciate the effort, or understand it sonically, but it is worth a listen if you’re into something different or anything glam for that matter.

If you’re looking for songs about love, you got it, if you are looking for songs that are catchy, up-beat and energetic, you got that too. Daryl Palumbo does a great job co-producing this most androgynous of an album. In all honesty this may not be mainstream material, but who would want it to be anyway?

Keep an ear out for these guys, their 3rd effort is most likely going to be awesome, it may be wishful thinking but if these guys can bring their live show on to a disc, then they are on the right track to making a killer record. They’ll get it right, they just need time.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Venus
02. Now You Know
03. So Physical
04. Close Your Eyes
05. Camera Tricks
06. Still Don’t Know Your Name
07. Hey Love
08. Saturday Night
09. You’re My Halo (Prom Song)
10. Blue Coat, Black Hair
11. Don’t Need a Thing
12. Grand Divider
13. Better off this Way (Bonus Track)

Run Time: 46:29
Release Date: 05.22.2007