Whoa, members of Redline, please accept my sincere apologies but at first spin of Ignition I really thought the vocals were that of a woman. But as I listened on, clearly and thankfully I was wrong. My bad!

This album belongs on Q107 (a popular, Canadian classic rock radio station). I can easily see the many biker types listening to this album; wind through their hair, cruising the town. It’s old school rock and I like it. I’m seriously going to pass this on to one of my cousins who can appreciate this kind of music. I am not ashamed of 80’s rock! Bring it on!

A solid effort, this album brings back the simple elements of rock; your guitars, your drums, your bass and vocals, no fancy pansy stuff… just freaking rock and roll! It makes you want to throw up the horns with their perfectly coiffed mullets and tell everyone to piss off.

Not many people may appreciate this effort, but I do, it’s classic rock but in the year 2009. Younger music fans may think it’s for their parents, and they’re probably right, but give it a chance, you’re missing out on some quality tracks otherwise. If you’re feeling reminiscent of the old 80’s rock scene and classic rock, pick this up. And be sure to check out “King of the Mountain.”  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. King of the Mountain
02. No Limits
03. Twistin’ the Knife
04. Cold Silence
05. High Price to Pay
06. Some Kinda’ Mean
07. Straight between the Eyes
08. Coast to Coast
09. Heaven’s Gate
10. Ride

Run Time: 42:01