What’s white all over and has the same name as a skateboarding shoe company? Give up? Well, it would have to be the Permanent Bastard’s new album Emericans. After a grueling wait, these ‘bastards’ have united to bestow upon us their first full length.

Like many punk records Emericans has a wide variety of fast tunes, such as “White Tree” and “Business Never Personal”, plastered all over the record. The instrumentals are simple, but fast paced which produces a nice, high-energy feel. Throughout all of the songs one can sense the pure passion that this band has for punk rock music.

Offering a break from the fast-paced tracks, Permanent Bastards have included (my favorite from the album), an acoustic ballad named “Constance.” This song features a cameo from Britton Allison (Cavaliers!). Another guest on the album is Chris Cresswell from The Flatliners who appears on the track “Business Never Personal.” With such great additional voices you would think the album couldn’t get any better, but it does…. If you are familiar with Permanent Bastard’s EP Gun Club you will recognize a familiar tune “SOS” which they included on Emericans.

With the help of friends, Permanent Bastards are slowing growing in popularity. If any punk rockers out there want to support some Canadian punk rock this is the band for you. Fans of Hostage Life, The Artist Life, The Brat Attack, Closet Monster and Crookedhook will want to check out these ‘bastards’.

Track Listing:

01. Caught in the Crossfire
02. Those Forgotten Pioneers
03. White Tree
04. Business Never Personal
05. Faux Real!
06. Constance
07. Emericans
08. We Stole These Songs
09. SOS
10. The Devil…..
11. Nobody Can Ever Make Me Turn Back

Run Time: 39:20
Release Date: 06.01.2009