Brief Bio: To their fans’ dismay, in mid-2008 Janus disappeared from their hometown rock scene in Chicago… they secretly slaved away on a new project. This project was to be uncompromising in every aspect: from producing and engineering, to songwriting and branding, the band was going to do it own their own and better than anyone else in the business. One year later, Red Right Return was born. Janus’ debut harkens back to the days when albums were written as a total piece of work, rather than a group of single songs. The Chicago Natives recorded, produced, created all the themes, digital presence, and artwork on their own. Though the process was intense and took some time to complete, the fans are glad they waited. Red Right Return is a collection of ten seamlessly flowing songs that showcase the band’s ability to bring the rock world an intelligent and fresh sound. Lyrically, the songs have very strong universal underpinnings to real life experiences. While they tell a particular story, yet the end result is left open to interpretation and the listener is free to draw their own conclusions. Janus uses a broad range of dynamics and instruments not often used in the rock world (strings, timpani, a full choir, air raid sirens and a glockenspiel) to produce a sound of melodic, ethereal backdrops contrasted with aggressive, heavy, rhythms from the bass, guitars, and drums.  [ END ]

ONE (1) happy fan will win an autographed copy of Red Right Return, a t-shirt, a poster and a pin. Not too shabby!

October 25, 2009.


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