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Album Review

Dead and Divine

The Machines We Are (08.04.2009)



The guys that brought you a special, new breed of Metalcore are back, with a sick new album that threatens to tear the very fabric of reality. Dead and Divine are a four piece band, straight out of Burlington, Ontario. This small town has been seeing a lot of sick bands lately, including Straight Reads The Line. Incidentally, Dead and Divine recently went on tour with Straight Reads The Line, and many other guest bands in support of their new album, The Machines We Are.

“Neon Jesus” was the first track on the disc that really caught my eye. Just the title alone stands out (Neon puns withheld), and the only thing that comes to mind is “What the fuck?” The lyrics are very powerful, mimicking what many teenagers all across North America are thinking or feeling right now; they’re lost, and don’t believe in a God. Along with powerful words, the instrumentation needs to be powerful, and the band delivers full force. Unfortunately, there was no breakdown, but the track still rocked harder than any I’ve heard in months.

I mentioned Straight Reads The Line earlier in this review. Seeing as Dead And Divine are very close, it’s fitting that Blake (the vocalist of SRTL) would be a guest vocalist on this album. Blake adds his voice during “Mechanical Orchestra”, making the track even more epic than it already is. The song is more melodic than the majority of the record, yet still feels like Dead and Divine from the beginning to end.

The Machines We Are is one of my top favourite albums of the year. The band has stepped things up and really produced a great work. If you have the balls (or ovaries if you’re a girl), then I advise you pick this up. In an instant you’ll see why I loved it so much.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. The Sugar Sickness
02. Creature
03. Chemical Valley
04. Neon Jesus
05. D.R.U.G.S.
06. For Your Health
07. Teeth
08. Mechanical Orchestra
09. Lovely Bones
10. Cassandra Syndrome

Run Time: 40:06