Directed by: Justin McConnell » Region/Time: Camada, 95 minutes.

Working Class Rock Star is an advisory DVD for musicians of the metal variety to see what they are up against in becoming a ‘rock star’. It features interviews with various people from prominent bands such as Lamb Of God, Arch Enemy, Strapping Young Lad and Bloodshoteye. There are nine informative sections to the DVD ranging from the financial/business aspect of a band, to ways to cope with hectic tour schedules and how balancing your time with a job, family and a band is not easy.

The DVD was very informative and admittedly I learned a lot from the people interviewed. Although the lasting impression after watching the DVD was that the music industry is definitely not for the faint of heart. It was an education and in a way it made me appreciate how much work a band has to put into their work. Certainly the next time I see a band live, I will spare a thought for how emotionally and physically tired they could be, playing their hearts out to me.

The DVD may put some people off creating a band, but this is a good thing, because if a person is put off with the work load and lack of financial success shown in the DVD, then they wouldn’t have ever made it anywhere past their bedroom anyway.

Unfortunately after viewing this material, it’s obvious the music industry is in a very sorry state and it will be for a long time. Working Class Rock Star features some important issues that can be resolved with a bit of intelligence and compassion from record companies, which will probably never happen.

One complaint, with a reasonably good DVD is that it was too long. I really don’t think you need over 90 minutes of hearing the same problems repeatedly, it could be drastically reduced in running time.

Run Time: 1:34:32
Release Date: November 11, 2008

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