Nothing pulls more at my heart-strings than Pop Punk with a dash of home grown talent. Hailing from Aurora, Ontario Use As Directed released this 6 track EP back in late September of 2007. As a demo of sorts, it unfortunately doesn’t come with any song titles. But if you put two and two together from their MySpace page, you’ll get it! If you’re lazy, I’ve included them in the review. Got talent? Check. Got catchy hooks? Check. Got lyrics? Check. Got a lot to learn? Check.

The album is catchy, boasted with confidence and talent. The songs have hooks, and a range of riffs to boot. They may have been influenced by bands such as Blink 182, and New Found Glory, but they manage to pull off a sound of their own. Yes… there is a lot positive to be said, but to be honest, there is much room for growth as well.

I think the band holds promise, I really do. With more production work and maybe some guidance (and a driver’s license helps some), these guys could really make an impact on the scene. Their age is probably sought as a con, but could very well be their pro. If these guys can get it together before the end of high school I say watch out, the girlies will be all over this band very soon. “We’re here to tear the walls all down/To turn it up/To sing out loud.”  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Fire When Ready
02. Write Me Out
03. Goodnight, Goodnight
04. Definitely…Maybe
05. I Push, You Move
06. Attention, Attention

Run Time: 25:26