The use of MySpace and other similar sites has made it easy for bands to offer their full albums as downloads. Ultimately this allows listeners to choose between the good, bad and the ugly without having to spend a dime. Toronto, Ontario’s Dancing With Paris recently released their first EP, There’s Something In The Water, and did just that. Just follow the cartoon (you can’t miss it) and it will lead you to the FREE EP. I chose to DL the album and after a few listens I have awarded this EP a spot on the ‘good list.’

Listening to this EP is refreshing due to the high quality of the recordings and the band’s ‘easy to take’ sound. It offers a variety of nice pop/rock melodies followed by some heavy hardcore riffs. The drums are the spines of the songs; keeping its simplicity and at times becoming transition fills which can be best heard for example, in the song “Bled Dry.” The guitars have a simple, clean sound which is rare in the world of hardcore. As with the guitars, the vocals are mellow but a times have a strong drive to them.

Overall the songs are simple, yet catchy making for an easy-to-digest record. This would be a great introductory album to get someone into the growing hardcore scene. If any indie labels are looking for a good poppy hardcore band, this is the act for you.

Fans of A Day To Remember, Farewell To Freeway, Finch, or The Holly Springs Disaster will enjoy There’s Something In The Water. Go download it and tell ALL your friends, cause it’s FREE!  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Sand Castles
02. Bled Dry
03. Orange County
04. (Boardwalk)
05. Hardwalk (Of Champions)
06. Titanic
07. There’s Something In The Water

Run Time: 17:11