Having toured with the likes of Killswitch Engage, Bury Your Dead and Hatebreed, Modesto, California’s Better Left Unsaid has gained a hell of a lot of exposure recently. But with great exposure comes great anticipation for a killer album. Fortunately, I think they may have done it… aggressively at that.

The Fight Within is their first release on Stillborn Records and most likely, not their last. I love how the disc opens with “Mourn for No One”; it’s actually a beautiful piece. It is a great intro, and nothing like the band. As this intro fades, you are introduced to the band’s true, Metalcore side. Although thoroughly Metalcore, this release will attract Hardcore fans as well.

The whole album is fast; double bass drum based and screams galore. From intense guitar riffs, to crazy drum antics this album delivers music fast and hard. Their group dynamic, relentless touring schedule and passion for their music is highly noticeable and favoured by fans all around.

This record clearly showcases their talent, production skills and amplitude for great lyrics. Give them a listen and ultimately decide for yourselves. Their genre maybe becoming obsolete, but these guys will pull through.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Mourn for No One
02. Testify
03. Repletion
04. The Fight Within
05. Under My Skin
06. Dedicated
07. Impurity
08. Never Again
09. Far Too Long
10. Marla
11. No Regret

Run Time: 36:26
Release Date: 07.22.2008