If you are a regular reader of PureGrainAudio than you most likely know where my interests lie. I tend to lean more toward metal of a more traditional, at times commercial variety only straying outside of the box for some Metalcore and Hardcore. As a fan of commercial metal, I was very interested in digging into this disc; as I figured it was going to be right up my alley. While it is true that Bang Camaro II is a commercial metal disc, I found myself a bit disappointed with it.

Let me explain. The songs on this disc are decent, but honestly I quickly found myself bored and looking for something more. To me the songs seemed to be a bit repetitive and never really seemed to go anywhere. Do not get me wrong this disc is not terrible by any means. There absolutely is some good playing on here (some of the guitar lead and riffs are pretty damn good); it just was not enough to keep my interest for the full 43:00 minutes. I just believe there are far too many other CDs to listen to and this one, quite honestly, will more than likely not receive much more play in player.

On a more positive note, I am a sucker for well-produced discs and Bang Camaro II fits the bill perfectly. The overall production is quite good and really goes a long way to making the mediocre songs a little bit more palatable. Bottom line, this is an okay disc with a killer production that might be worth checking out if you dig the commercial metal genre.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Blood Red Rock
02. Night Lies
03. Revolution
04. She’s Gone (Critical)
05. Miss Illusion
06. I Know You Like My Band
07. Thunderclap
08. Can’t Stop The Night
09. The Hit
10. Life Is Hard On The Road

Run Time: 43:32