what’s The Skinny? here’s the deal. There are SO many sick bands out there that just don’t get enough love. Well, with The Skinny, that’s all going to change. We have taken it upon ourselves to get together and bust out a list once a month where we tell you about a handful of sick-ass bands that we feel NEED to be heard. Signed or unsigned, new or old, these are just bands that deserve some additional attention. We challenge you to take the time to check each one out; they are amazing, they are loved, and now they have been Skinned.

01. Suicide Silence (Deathcore, Metal) [ skinned by: Chris Hoath ]
the skinny: Suicide Silence is an American Deathcore band that formed back in 2002. Since then, the band has released several demos and EPs and two full-length albums. Their latest release, No Time To Bleed is their heaviest album yet, and definitely their best album by far. The band just recently toured with Megadeath, which is a HUGE honour, especially for a band that has only been around for seven years. Give it another seven years, and these guys will be one of the best bands around. If you like Bring Me The Horizon or Underneath The Gun, give these guys a listen!
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02. Endeverafter (Rock, Classic Rock, Metal) [ skinned by: Jo Slater ]
the skinny: Four-piece rock outfit Endeverafter are from Sacramento CA. After forming in 2004, they released their Blood on the Stage EP in 2005 before signing to Epic Records. After a few label change issues, they went on to release their first full length album Kiss or Kill under label Razor and Tie in 2007. In all honesty, Kiss or Kill is such a good album it’s surprising these guys aren’t huge. Everything about the album is just great – from the vaguely Coheed and Cambria-esque “From the Ashes of Sin”, the driving guitars of “I Wanna Be Your Man”, the super-catchy “All Night” that kind of makes you want to get up and do a little dance, to the massive chorus of “Next Best Thing” which inspires you to take up smoking just so you can have a lighter to wave about in the air… the whole album is just pure rock brilliance. Do yourself a favour and go buy it right now.
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03. Ripchain (Metal, Thrash, Rock) [ skinned by: Jenny Hopkins ]
the skinny: Influenced by Metallica, Slayer and Black Sabbath, Boise, Idaho’s Ripchain have started forging a name for themselves throughout the Northwest. Having opened for bands such as Static-X, Otep, Prong, Invitro, Burn Halo, 3 Inches of Blood, and others, they have proven they are willing to take their music to the main stage.
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04. The Rifles (Rock, Punk, Ska) [ skinned by: Will Lyon ]
the skinny: The Rifles are a 4 piece indie rock band from London, England. They’ve been together for 4 years and have produced 2 albums in that time, hitting 26th and 27th in the UK album charts. Despite this success, they are still a reasonably unknown band. Their first album in particular sounds a lot like The Jam and there’s no doubt the band playing their song “She’s The Only One” and Jam song “The Eton Rifles” live with Paul Weller would have been a career highlight. The Rifles are a fantastic band, known by few people and should be in everyone’s CD collection.
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05. Jonathan Coulton (Indie, Folk Rock, Powerpop) [ skinned by: Robin Tarnowetzki ]
the skinny: Jonathan Coulton is an internet based musician who writes songs primarily about geeky or eclectic subjects. He has a gift for taking ludicrous topics and turning them into humourous or even genuinely beautiful songs. Topics include zombies (Re: Your Brains), self-loathing giant squid (I Crush Everything), evil overlords who just want to be loved (Skullcrusher Mountain), Tom Cruise (Tom Cruise Crazy), and creepy dolls (Creepy Doll). Coulton can be classified as “geek rock” if you have to label him, but he really covers the gamut of genres from folk (his great cover of Baby Got Back) to borderline punk rock (I Feel Fantastic). Not only is he hilarious, but he actually is a genuine musical talent. He doesn’t have any albums out, but most of his songs are available through iTunes or his website.
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07. Girl in a Coma (Garage, Rock, Punk) [ skinned by: Roya Butler ]
the skinny: Hailing from San Antonio, Texas Sisters Nina and Phanie Diaz, along with best friend Jenn Alva, make up Girl in a Coma. GIAC was formed when Nina Diaz, at age 12, borrowed her older sister’s guitar, impressing both Phanie and Jenn with strong vocals and incredibly deep and expressive songs. The three of them formed GIAC, named in homage to a Smiths’ song “Girlfriend in a Coma.” After playing for none other than Joan Jett herself, GIAC was signed on the spot by Blackheart Records. Although compared to The Smiths, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and the Pixies, Girl in a Coma has a uniquely impressive sound. They have two albums, each with a unique amalgamation of eclectic influences: oldies, rockabilly, 90s alternative, and contemporary bands both indie and mainstream.
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08. Amebix (Punk, Metal) [ skinned by: Roya Butler ]
the skinny: Britain’s Amebix is one of the first bands to blend anarcho-punk and heavy metal music. Formed in 1978, and split in 1987, they recently reunited as of 2008. The heavily influential sound of Amebix laid the foundation for crust punk. It’s hypnotic and haunting melodies merge the harsh cold brutality of metal with the raw punk edge of anger, calling out injustice. All over the world, punks unite to witness their unforgettable shows. Venues flood with a sea of black leather and metal studs and crowds sing along with Amebix singer Rob Miller. This is a band to pay attention to if you are looking for a band who’s true to their roots.
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09. The Exelar (Hardcore, Punk, Grindcore) [ skinned by: Roya Butler ]
the skinny: The Exelar are a New York hardcore band. With a steady output of albums and EPs over the last 10 years (with intermittent breaks for side-projects and the breaking in of a new guitarist here and there), The Exelar bring songs ripe with political themes, insider and outsider views of the world at large, odes to the fallen, personal demons, and contemporary takes on the history of our nation. The brevity of their songs and their shows leaves no room for filler, no place for soap-boxing, no need for exposition. A solid drummer, two guitarists and a bassist play alternating rhythms and melodies that force the listener to look beyond the individual performances and take the songs in as a whole. The four members each bring an individual voice to the songs; each taking turns with the vocal duties. Wonder why they’re screaming? Wonder why they’re angry? Read their lyrics after taking in one of their shows.
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