Interview with The Holly Springs Disaster guitarist Josh Guillaume

CMW was jam packed full of interviews with no time to squeeze one in with THSD I postponed it until a week later when they were hitting up Newmarket, Ontario, aka the place where I used to go to shows in my younger days when I was still living at home with my parents in the small town of Stouffville. As a follow up to November’s interview with the now ex-member of THSD…



CMW was jam packed full of interviews with no time to squeeze one in with THSD I postponed it until a week later when they were hitting up Newmarket, Ontario, aka the place where I used to go to shows in my younger days when I was still living at home with my parents in the small town of Stouffville. As a follow up to November’s interview with the now ex-member of THSD, Mike Froh, I spoke with Josh Guillaume about the upcoming album, touring, partying and of course, CMW. Note: this interview was conducted prior to Mike Froh leaving the band.

So last time, when I talked to Mike, you guys were writing a new album. How’s that coming along?
Josh: It’s good the writing is pretty much done as far as the record goes. It’s good we’re pretty happy with it, it took us a long time so I guess; works of art are never completely done until it’s completely done. So, I mean, it’s as done as it could be, at the point now. It’s good, we’re stoked!

He said you were looking at a late spring release is that gonna…
Josh: [laughing] It’s the same thing as always that happens with us. It’s never what it seems.

Spring’s turning into summer?
Josh: Spring turns to summer pretty fast and so forth. So, I mean, its going to come out as soon as possible. You know, but when? We don’t even know yet, it’s not recorded so…

Do you know when you’re gonna hit the studio then?
Josh: Don’t know yet.

No? [chuckles] Okay, cool. So how do you feel about this album though with your new songs, how does it compare to your previous recordings?
Josh: It’s definitely a lot more uh – I need to be choosy in my words – it’s a lot more heavier, it’s a lot more aggressive, it’s definitely not a very nice album but it’s, I don’t know. It’s hard to explain to you because it’s just complete, you know, it’s just way heavier, it’s not necessarily leaving what we did before, so much as creating something new around that to try and, you know what I mean? Rather then writing another Motion Sickness Love, we chose to grow up a bit and do what we felt is in our, you know, musical abilities, I guess you could say. As oppose to what may sound cool to the first listens.

So you like this album better then your previous one?
Josh: Much better.

Much better?
Josh: Not taking anything away from ‘Motion Sickness’, ‘cause it did a lot for our band obviously. But the attachment we have to it is a lot different because we wrote it a little bit differently then ‘Motion Sickness’. It was really spread out and the songs were written here and there, this one was kinda like, we were just writing an album. We kinda did it in its entirety and we’re pretty happy with that so it’s kind of hard to like the other one more, you know?

Mm, exactly. Well can you give us any teasers like the name or a potential name for the album?
Josh: Oh! No, we don’t know yet.

What about names of songs?
Josh: Well there’s a couple we play live like “Godzilla”, “King Kong” Those are obviously what they mean, but on the album they’ll be interlocked ‘cause they do mean, you know, something in there, together, I guess you would mean, you know, their cool. Their cool monsters too, I mean, yeah.

So how was CMW for you guys?
Josh: CMW was cool. It’s a, I don’t know, CMW is kinda CMW, if that makes any sense, you know? It’s not as much for the kids as it is for the guys with the ties and suits on, so, I mean, it’s a lot of fun to play definitely. You meet a lot of new people; this year unfortunately, all the people couldn’t come out to see it. There was a lot of ticket restraints a lot of wrist band stuff, that was kind of dumb ‘cause it defeats the purpose of playing a show. Other then that it’s cool, artists from all over the world come down and play for a week span or whatever and give people a chance to experience something different rather than just Ontario music.

Definitely, so what do you feel CMW does for you as a band, Canadian or otherwise?
Josh: Well it exposes you to a lot of new open doors I guess. It gives people a chance to see you that might not normally see you. People that are down for Canadian Music Week that just saw Alanis Morrisette or something and they went to go grab a drink at Sneaky Dee’s and caught a glimpse of Textbook Tragedy, you know what I mean? That normally wouldn’t happen unless it’s Canadian Music Week, so in that respect, that kind of thing really helps, ’cause it gives a lot of new people a chance to see a lot of new bands play. As oppose to just the regular people that would go to see that show.

But was it just another show for you guys, or was it a bigger deal?
Josh: Uh… [laughs uncontrollably] Are all these questions going on the, is this like a radio broadcast?

No, you can say whatever you want.
Josh: Okay. [still laughing] Uh, yeah, it was a show for us, it’s always a show. But it would’ve been, I guess this is bad to say but, it would’ve been more of a show if kids that actually made the effort to come out and watch the show could’ve gone in to see it, rather then you know, people that were just strolling through, you know what I mean? Yeah, it was a good show. I don’t want to slam’em.

[Both laugh] Yeah!
Josh: You know what I’m sayin’, that’s my honest opinion.

Cool, you guys are big drinkin’ band right?
Josh: Uh, yeah. Yeah and no.

Yes and no?
Josh: Yes and no. We party when it’s necessary but we never take it to crazy extents.

But you guys are on tour constantly, so do you party while you’re on the road?
Josh: Not really.

Josh: [laughing] That is probably the biggest surprise to a lot of people about our band. ‘Cause they think we’re crazy partiers but we – we definitely party, ok? When you tour with friends, you’re bound to party, you know? There’s no if, ands or buts. But I mean, we’re pretty relaxed ‘cause when you are touring, you know, partying 7 days a week isn’t exactly a fun thing. You kinda mellow out a lot over the touring days and wind up just kind of hanging out you know? You make it like everyday life, rather then a crazy party.

Yeah, do you guys ever get any time off or a long time off?
Josh: Oh! Yeah, yeah we’ve got lots, lately due to the writing process, we’ve had a lot of time to be sitting around between touring. We haven’t really gone out of the country yet either which is a big thing so. I mean, it’s all preparation, you know? When it hits, it’s gonna hit big for us so, this is all just part of down time. Just trying to get everything like, good this time so, you know, you have to take time off like this and get ready and just keep the train rolling.

So do you enjoy being off tour or on tour more?
Josh: Both, yeah. It’s like you’re gone for tour for a month and you wish you were home but then you’re home for a month and you wish you were on tour so, I mean, the grass is always greener. Obviously we have moms and girlfriends, that’s a big thing obviously, you miss your girlfriend when you leave but…

Apparently Liam from Cancer Bats has a good method on that?
Josh: [laughing] We’ll leave Liam alone on this one. [both laugh]

I have to ask this one because it’s from the previous [interview]. Have you tried an Irish car bomb?
Josh: No.

No? I really have to show you guys this! [Josh laughs] I told Mike last time and it didn’t happen! Well I look forward to the new album, is there anything else you want to tell your fans before we finish this up?
Josh: Yeah, get ready for the record. No matter when it comes its not gonna disappoint you, so, uh, thanks for waitin’! [both laugh] Keep the way it is.

Keep goin’ to the shows!
Josh: Thanks though, man.  [ END ]


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