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American Soldier (03.31.2009)



Let me first start by saying I am a longtime fan of Queensrÿche. I have been listening to them since the release of their EP back in the early Eighties. I also must mention that one of my all time favorite albums would have to be Operation Mind Crime. It totally blew my mind when it was released twenty years ago and still does to this day.

Queensrÿche have a knack for creating engaging concept albums that draw the listener right into the storyline. Lots of bands make attempts at creating a concept record but I do not feel many succeed at it. The newest release from the band, American Soldier, is a good example of a concept album that works extremely well.

This time out the band has written a series of songs centered on American soldiers and the trials and tribulations they face while deployed over seas in battle. The songs are solid and contain everything one would expect from the band, powerful vocals, mesmerizing harmonies and killer playing. All of the songs flow together and are accentuated by snippets of real life soldiers sharing their harrowing near death experiences from the battlefront; at times, I found myself with chills running down my arms.

I am not sure if I could single out a favorite track on this disc. I honestly found myself thoroughly engaged and engrossed for the full hour. I feel the disc works best as a whole and really flows well track to track. American Soldier is a fantastic release and it will take its place in my CD changer directly beside Operation Mindcrime where it will be subjected to repeated listening. I can honestly recommend this disc whole-heartedly. Check it out, you will not be disappointed.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Sliver
02. Unafraid
03. Hundred Mile Stare
04. At 30,000 FT
05. A Dead Man’s Words
06. The Killer
07. Middle Of Hell
08. If I were King
09. Man Down!
10. Remember Me
11. Home Again
12. The Voice

Run Time: 60:35