A very technical yet brutal showcase is offered on Resurrection Macabre and Pestilence succeeds in bringing out the harshest and most compelling of their wares. Winding sounds are to be found springing around everywhere. Pestilence are able to play fast, but under enough control to make everything sound like it has a great deal of cohesion. This makes for a refined work of excitement and madness to be had by all.

The music herein is brutal enough to say the least, but stays within a region of restraint to be digested clearly. Thus there is the quality of being fed just the right amount of music to be strongly appreciated. The stylings are very harsh in nature, but bounded enough to make things intelligible; this has its huge advantages overall. The album gets off to a splendid start with “Devouring Frenzy” and never really lets off the gas throughout.

There is the constant ideal of crushing everything in their path and the tightness of the band aids them in their endeavors to a great degree. You get the feeling of being put through a harsh beating (all the while enjoying the ride) and that’s a good reason to listen to the band. Trying to find a downside to the work as a whole is difficult, but perhaps a bit of added groove might have helped them slightly.

Regardless, Resurrection Macabre is an excellent piece of death metal that should be enjoyed by all fans of the genre. Pestilence manage to thoughtfully bang you around and grab your attention all throughout.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Devouring Frenzy
02. Horror Detox
03. Fiend
04. Hate Suicide
05. Synthetic Grotesque
06. Neuro Dissonance
07. Dehydrated II
08. Resurrection Macabre
09. Hangman
10. Y2H
11. In Sickness & Death

Run Time: 40:31