Hawaii is known for many things: colorful shirts, amazing surf and tropical weather. This state is not typically known for producing powerful rock music, until now. “Stand close, I’m about to explode!” sings Danny Casler, frontman for National Product. You will not find a more appropriate lyric befitting the universal power and potential that Luna, the band’s debut release, brings to the forefront of Rock. Luna may have arrived in 2007 but it’s just in time to change the course of your summer.

The whole album from start to finish is energetic and exciting. It’s half melodic, half aggressive and the production is flawless. And that’s just the beginning… the lyrics are catchy, singer Danny Casler has a great range, and his voice is full of emotion. This is definitely an exciting release.

The lead off track, “By All Means”, has an amazing chorus, that catapults you into the album, it sets the mood. Nothing here is cheesy, not even it’s more melodic tracks “Love Me” and “Where Do You Go”. All in all a purely fun record, that instantly puts hooks in you you and pulls you in.

National Product began as a group of friends from the island of Oahu. As band-mates and creative partners, they became a tight family of brothers, committed to their musical vision and their desire to touch as many lives as possible. With such lofty goals, they soon realized that they needed a broader base than what was available to them on the island.

In a rapidly changing music industry that has left many bands off balance and out of place, National Product is determined to create a new definition of what it means to be a rock band. Their unique sound and sense of purpose creates an amazing interaction between the band and the fan. This journey is not just for the six members of National Product but for all of us who hear and are changed by the music and message of Luna. I wish these guys the best of luck.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. By All Means
02. Collision
03. Medicated
04. Love Me
05. Sad Excuse
06. Valentine
07. Paper & Ink
08. Where Do We Go?
09. Quay
10. November Nights
11. Sean Song
12. Explode

Run Time: 43:03