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the Skinny: Hotpress For Leopold is the mastermind of a music composer named Omar, who has been placing music in TV and movies for years with the help of the music supervisors at Groove Addicts. It all started when he was commissioned to compose a number of instrumental tracks within a particular genre and was given a sizable budget to do it. The band—made up of a variety of studio musicians—is odd pairings of instruments, set to catchy tunes that often walk the line between tongue-in-cheek sophistication and outright comedy. Everything from woodwinds, a horn section and string section to glockenspiel, xylophone with a standard rhythm section makes up the sound. The lyrics detail the comedy that life can generally be, whether it’s chasing youth, over indulgent egos or strange accounts of indiscretion in remote parts of the world. Now that the music has been compiled, Hotpress For Leopold will be releasing it all as a compilation album on August 3 (Groove Addicts). “Torturer” is currently being serviced to radio stations across the country.  [ END ]


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