Hot Damn! This might very well be the best record I have heard this year. Pave The Way, the scorching new release from Flatline is an exceptionally heavy, tremendously powerful metal album that kicks some serious ass. Pave The Way is a blistering yet extremely technical aural battering. The drummer is fierce behind the kit, pounding away with unrelenting passion while the guitar shredding and riffage are quite outstanding.

Flatline comes out of the box swinging on the opening track, “Blessed By Death” and the battering does not let up until the very last track, “Mulch.” Packaged between these two songs are eight other unbelievably straight ahead metal tunes that are fast, heavy and designed for one thing; getting the listeners neck snapping for the duration (just over 41 minutes).

Truthfully, there is no filler to be found here, just pure raw metal that is sure satisfy metal heads everywhere. Favorite tracks of mine on this disc include “Collapse” and “Nefarious,” both of which are completely unbelievable tunes that rock so hard I almost broke a sweat listening to them. Other notable mentions are “Deleted” and the slower burning tune “God As My Witness” which starts with a melodic acoustic guitar gradually building into a heavier balls out tune.

The buzz around these guys has been huge and I was anticipating this disc for a long time. Let me tell you, Flatline lives up to all of the hype. This is a rock solid metal album that I am certain is going to rank up there among the best metal discs of the year, at least in my book. At the end of the day, I feel this is a very good record from a band we will here more from in the very near future. Check this one out, you will not be disappointed.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Blessed By Death
02. Generations Fall
03. Collapse
04. Dying Breed
05. Nefarious
06. The Passing
07. Deleted
08. God As My Witness
09. Worn Thin
10. Mulch

Run Time: 41:08
Release Date: 02.03.2009