Combining elements of Punk rock with 80’s Sleaze Metal, Canadian rockers Fattooth have put together a stellar self-titled debut. The bands bio describes them as ‘AC-DC on steroids,’ and I would have to concur.

While all of the songs on this disc are heavy, raw and visceral they still manage to maintain a groove-laden feel that will make you want to pump your fist in the air with reckless abandon. Musically, these guys can really play, but the feature that stands out the most to me on this disc are the vocals. The emotion, confidence and swagger in Hucifer’s voice is unparalleled and unique and gives the whole project a sort of sleaze rock feel.

I would be remiss not to mention the bands obvious sense of humor, especially with songs titles such as “Red Neck Metal Head” and “Shitzami.” The humor is carried on throughout the disc especially in the song “Bacteria” where the opening lines talk about getting sick from the school cafeteria’s mystery meat.

My favorite tune on this disc would have to be the aforementioned “Red Neck Metal Head” that works off of a cool riff and features an attention-grabbing vocal delivery; the grinding chugging rhythm really got under my skin. I also found myself thoroughly enjoying “Slave” and “Gunned Down By Noon” both of which are good examples of the band punk roots. As far as production goes, Fattooth sounds really good while still managing to maintain a trashy sound.

Most of this CD begs to be played live and if Fattooth can keep up the vigor in their live show that they have captured on the disc, I imagine there will plenty of bodies flying from the stage throughout the whole set. Give Fattooth a shot; it is a solid metal/punk album that does not disappoint.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Big Daddy
02. Rock Around The World
03. High Time At Low Tide
04. Bacteria
05. Red Neck Metal Head
06. Gunned By Noon
07. Slave
08. Shitzami
09. The More Machine

Run Time: 34:21