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Album Review

Black Moor

The Conquering (08.25.2009)



The Conquering is a breath of fresh air onto the classic metal scene. Canadian Metal band, Black Moor has put together a debut CD that quite frankly, blew my doors off. The combination of old school metal influences such as Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Megadeth with more current metal sensibilities is just aurally stunning. These guys have created an album that kicks some serious ass from start to finish. I found myself fully engrossed in The Conquering from the very first song, “Beyond Hell,” and could not put it down; it is that good.

Typically I hit upon at least a couple of songs, where I find myself pressing the skip button on my CD player, but there is no filler to be found here on this disc whatsoever. Every track is truthfully killer, but my absolute favorite on the disc is the final track, “Breath Of The Dying.” The neck snapping intro riff combined with a melodic dual guitar attack really sucked me in.

It seems to me that lately the trend in the Metal world has leaned towards pushing the limits in an attempt to make things heavier and more extreme and I think this has done a great deal of harm to the genre as a whole. With the release of The Conquering, Black Moor has done quite the opposite and in the process have created an unbelievable album that pays homage to the masters of the genre. Keep your eyes on these guys, they are destined for big things.

If you are a fan of first-class, straightforward, unpretentious metal than I suggest you pick The Conquering up A.S.A.P., you won’t regret it. It is that good!  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Beyond Hell
02. The Conquering
03. Warshark
04. The Human Disease
05. Death to the False Emperor
06. Fiend
07. The Blood Moor
08. Red Blood, Cold Steel
09. Acid Biker
10. Breath of the Dying

Run Time: 53:16