The Virgins are a 4 piece band hailing from New York in the States, who have only been together for 3 short years. However, they haven’t wasted much time in terms of recording new material. Just one year after their formation, they released their first EP titled, The Virgins ‘07’ and the following year they released their first LP with a title that must have taken hours to decide upon… The Virgins.

Their music is of the indie variety, with elements of a catchy dance punk sound bouncing around in their songs. Although you may be skeptical of this next comment, there are definite glimpses of The Clash, especially on “Rich Girls” and to help this image, lead singer Donald Cumming does seem to have a softer Joe Strummer voice. The album, with a running time of 30 minutes, is a short and snappy experience, filled with stories, that could only descend from young men and by the time you reach the end of the record, there’s an urge to start the CD again. Every time you listen, you want to go back for more.

I have to admit, after all the media praise they received and the typical young indie rock image the band have, I was unsure of whether The Virgins had any substance. After just one listen, my fears were relaxed immensely as every single track was undoubtedly a superb listen. The lyrics are relevant to every young person around the modern world and the music is full of energy. “Private Affair” in particular, is a stunning song, full to the brim of pop hooks and if you don’t want an album full of indie, at least make sure you check this song out. Simply superb.

I for one will be eagerly awaiting their second effort and so should you.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. She’s Expensive
02. One Week Of Danger
03. Rich Girls
04. Teen Lovers
05. Fernando Pando
06. Murder
07. Hey Hey Girl
08. Private Affair
09. Radio Christiane
10. Love Is Colder Than Death

Run Time: 30:10