I have been a fan of Sleeping Giant since their debut release Dread Champions of the Last Days was released back in 2007. I have been captivated and more than enthralled by the muscle and the fervor that the band, especially the vocalist Thom Green, puts into each and every song. With the release of their sophomore disc, Sons Of Thunder, Sleeping Giant have kicked things up a notch. This is a much more mature record that really highlights their growth as songwriters and musicians and the best thing about it is that their passion and intensity has been amped up as well.

I am not going to beat around the bush; Sons Of Thunder is one hell of a disc! Most every song is heavy, aggressive and in your face while still managing to maintain an unbelievably infectious groove. It is impossible not to bang your head while listening to this disc, (try it I dare you). I even found myself drawn to the extremely mellow yet introspective sounding tune “He Will Reign.” I actually find the addition of this tune beneficial to the overall disc because I feel it shows the depth and diversity that the band is capable of.

I absolutely enjoyed every song on this disc but there are a few standouts that I found myself listening to repeatedly. “Sons Of Thunder” immediately caught my attention because, while it is still heavy it is quite a bit slower than the rest of the disc and features a cleaner vocal combined with some very cool melodies. “The Army of the Chosen One” is a chugging metal tune that honestly just blew my mind; it is that good. I totally dig this tune and cannot get enough of it.

We are halfway through the year already and I have heard an unbelievable amount of discs, but none quite as good as Sons Of Thunder. This release will certainly cement Sleeping Giant presence in the genre and might result in what could be one of the most formidable offerings of the year.

Track Listing:

01. Gang Signs
02. No One Leaves This Room Sick
03. Sons of Thunder
04. Descending Into Hell
05. The Streets Don’t Lie
06. The Army of the Chosen One
07. I’ve Seen
08. Confession
09. He Will Reign

Run Time: 41:55
Releas Date: June 23, 2009