Incredibly frenetic death metal of the type that boasts many blasts beats is delivered vehemently by the band on this release. They are capable of surging up quite a storm with their harsh death metal styles. Speed seems to be a primary focus of the band as they are able to cruise through the pastures they create quite effectively. We can only hope the tempo does not prevent the band’s musical skills from wavering, however, as they try to keep things somewhat interesting.

Malevolent Creation aren’t always able to keep things completely thrilling, however, as the music does get somewhat repetitive sounding without a lot to keep you on the edge. They are able to deal an equal amount of brutality into the mix to make for a very harsh sounding album. Yet the overt quantity of heaviness isn’t as much as you’ll find from a more brutal death metal album, but rather a more relaxed overall element. Comparisons are slightly difficult to make here as the band sound one-of-a-kind enough and can’t be drawn towards Morbid Angel or another high-caliber death metal band particularly easily.

They are thus lumped towards a slightly more speed-hungry alternative that is altogether worthy in its own right. The biggest issue with the disc is its lack of variation; as Malevolent Creation are able to put in an interesting guitar solo here and there, but not create an altogether outstanding sound. This sort of has a great bearing upon their sound as it begins to become slightly tedious upon repeated listens.

The inability to put an ingenious slant into the music or in some way completely grab the listener’s attention is the reason this music doesn’t become overly successful in the long run. They just run on somewhat aimlessly much of the time and don’t add a flair to the music that could make it standout. Aside from the grievances, this work was a relatively enjoyable romp.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Cauterized
02. Culture of Doubt
03. Deliver My Enemy
04. Archaic
05. Buried in a Nameless Grave
06. Dawn of Defeat
07. Prelude to Doomsday
08. Upon Their Cross
09. Strength in Numbers
10. Hollowed
11. Unleash Hell
12. Bio-Terror

Run Time: 49:18
Release Date: 07.17.2007