A surging inferno of sounds escapes from the sources of production as Burning Skies pound out their offerings quite effectively. The band turn things up many a notch in terms of the intensity with which the music is performed on Greed. Filth. Abuse. Corruption. Really banging out the loudest frequencies seems to be a priority here as they’re overall able to gain your attention… to a certain extent.

The album is difficult to classify because they don’t have a particularly distinctive sound, however. There isn’t a thrash-like tone to the majority of the work, for example, making them difficult to pin down exactly. This opens them up to a number of possibilities, however, which they never completely take advantage of in terms of brutalizing the audience a certain way.

The most straightforward of approaches is taken to craft their vehement stylings and you can see this seep into their every pore. They have the ability to throw you under a pile driving sound and carry forth their desires into whatever territories they please. The rather huge sonicscapes on the work make for the great sound production, as you can expect a loud nature to accompany the music. One would wish for more ebbs and flows to their sound as it just hits you with the massive nature, but this is alright for an adrenaline rush. If I wanted to listen to a slightly more varied burst of energy I’ll just pull out my Slayer CDs, but this does make its own point to govern the intensity quite well.

A flaw on the album is its really short running length which leaves you wanting longer, more in-depth material. Overall, Burning Skies show a good deal of potential, but refrain from being a truly captivating outfit like they potentially could be which is slightly unfortunate.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Warhate
02. You Don’t Have To Be Dead To Be In Hell
03. Y.G.F.F.
04. Rounding Up The Cattle
05. Abuse To Confuse
06. To Be The Man Who Has To Beat The Man
07. Spat Out And Stamped On
08. It’s Hard To Breathe With A Bag On Your Head
09. Slashed, Thrashed And Fucked Up Beyond
10. Emocalypse
11. Sticky Richard

Run Time: 28:17