Architects; not the rock band from the US, the proggy hardcore band from the UK, in one word? Awesome! What’s not awesome though was the hideous infection which plagued my throat the night they were in town. I wanted to see them live so bad and couldn’t because of the powers that be. Out of concern for the band and the need for me to rest and let the old breathe-hole heal itself, I sipped my green tea and sent the dudes an e-mail interview, check out how they view their new album, the women in Canada and their opinion on pretty hair on boys.

It’s been 3 months and 10 days since the release of Hollow Crown, what has the response been like thus far?
Sam: It has been really really positive. The shows have been getting busier, Sing alongs louder. So, it’s all going great.

There has been so much good press and so many great reviews posted on the internet and other media. How do you feel about your latest release?
Sam: Yeah dude it’s great. Everyone has been super nice to us. It’s my fave record of ours and I’m really proud of it so I’m glad it’s going down well.

You have a video out for the song “Early Grave” off of your latest release. Can you give us a bit of insight into the video? Is it meant to relate to the song and is just a metaphor that’s going right over my head or be an abstract narrative running parallel to the lyrics?
Sam: It’s just an idea that the director and the band came up with about people walking through life not being honest putting on brave faces but when it comes down to it they don’t have anything at all. It came out great.

Without labeling or placing you in a genre, as a band that actually sticks out in your genre, do you find it hard to appeal to the kids in a scene which is overflowing with generic bands?
Sam: No, not really. We just do what we do. No bullshit. Just five dudes that love music and having a good time. We do this for us. We make music we enjoy and people seem to like it. If people and the scene didn’t like us we would still keep going.

You guys are hitting up Australia in August. What are you expecting from the nation that your home country used to dispose of their convicts?
Sam: It’s going to be awesome we can’t wait to get out there.

Do you ever feel that we’re getting too old for this straight hair that’s over mostly to one side of the face? (Note: I have the “emo” comb-over thing as well)
Sam: Ghd just brought out a new range so no.

Finally the most important question, which has the more attractive women, UK or Canada?
Sam: I don’t know. You should ask our merch guy, cheers.