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Album Review


Fire For Hire (08.19.2008)



“Hello everybody we are Supagroup from New Orleans, Louisiana and we are here to kick your ass.” That is the opening line of the bands latest release, Fire For Hire. Indeed those are big words and even bigger shoes to fill and words that could ultimately bite the band in the ass if they could not live up to them. Luckily though for everyone involved, Supagroup does not disappoint.

Fire For Hire is fun, commercial rock and roll with a heavy 80’s influence. It appears to me that everything these guys do is done to the max. This is readily apparent the minute you open the CD jewel case, which contains pictures of the band in various costumes and get ups. Everything just seems to be over the top.

As I mentioned earlier though these guys fill those big shoes quite easily by providing a great sounding exceptionally fun and enjoyable disc to listen to. There are lots of hook driven songs with great big choruses found throughout the disc that had me singing along in a matter of seconds. Beyond the vocals though, lies a foundation of great playing that I honestly caught me by surprise. These guys can really play.

At the end of the day, Fire For Hire is a disc that is meant for cranking to eleven and singing along to. I have long been a fan of the commercial metal scene, (especially the 80’s scene) and this disc fits the bill perfectly. It is fun and enjoyable the way I feel music should be. Check this one out it is worth the price of admission. Just for the record, I believe that the band has fulfilled the opening lines of the disc, they really do kick ass.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. What’s Your Problem Now
02. Born In Exile
03. Lonely At The Bottom
04. Sold Me Down The River
05. Jailbait
06. Promised Land
07. Hey Kiddies
08. Mourning Day
09. Long Live Rock
10. Bow Down
11. Fire For Hire
12. Roll In Smokin’

Run Time: 49:31