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Seventh Void

Prizing:win 1 of 3 free copies of Heaven Is Gone.



Brief Bio: A lauded guitarist who has played with notable bands like TYPE O NEGATIVE, KINGDOM OF SORROW and DANZIG, a video director, a prolific writer of fiction and a vocalist, Kenny Hickey has already covered a tremendous amount of ground with no sign of slowing up. The next step in his career seemed clear to him and to his TYPE O / DANZIG band mate, drummer Johnny Kelly. “After being in Type O for so many years Johnny and I wanted to do something different,” says Hickey. “We wanted it to reflect the heavy, melodic, elements of all our favorite classic rock bands: Sabbath, Zeppelin, AC/DC, etc without sounding like what we had already done. We wanted to simplify things and create a straight up hard rock/metal band.  [ END ]

THREE (3) stoked winners will each bring home a free copy of Seventh Void’s new release, Heaven Is Gone. This record is HOT and it can now be yours!

May16, 2009.

Born in 2003, V13 was a socio-political website that, in 2005, morphed into PureGrainAudio and spent 15 years developing into one of Canada's (and the world’s) leading music sites. On the eve of the site’s 15th anniversary, a full re-launch and rebrand takes us back to our roots and opens the door to a full suite of Music, Film, TV, and Cultural content.

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