A Long Way From The Truth is the hot new release from Canadian Rockers Norglen which combines skilled musicianship with a brilliant production, upbeat rock n’ roll tracks and good songwriting. The result is a series of well-crafted, pop-infused rock tunes with influences that reminded me of AFI or The Alkaline Trio. The band’s enthusiasm is evident throughout the disc which is packed to the gills with lots of extremely fun, hook-laden and catchy tracks such as “Cruel Intentions,” “Summer Nights” and “Paradise.”

The melodies are so infectious that you will find yourself singing along in no time at all. While some of the tracks are a bit on the lighter side this is still good Rock and Roll the way it was meant to be; just uncomplicated and fun.

From a production standpoint, A Long Way From The Truth is a big, crisp, terrific sounding record. While a lot of the tunes are at times predictable and conventional the singer’s voice is good, the background vocals are excellent and the melodies are enjoyable. I feel that with the release of this disc Norglen has successfully created a better than average Pop-rock album that easily surpasses many other bands in this category or genre.

At the end of the day, I feel that A Long Way From The Truth is a very solid and extremely enjoyable CD with enough melodies to keep even the most discriminate music fan happy. If you like the more commercial (but fun) side of Rock and Roll this disc is right up your alley; give it a shot.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Summer Nights
02. Secret
03. Paradise
04. A Long Way From The Truth
05. Cruel Intentions
06. Miss You Yet
07. No Hope
08. Alone
09. Wasted
10. Before She Fades

Run Time: 38:56