Let’s see… where do I begin. Unfortunately, the band’s name, My America Is Watching Tigers Die, might be the most interesting thing about this whole disc; I really would be interested to know where the name came from, as it is intriguing to say the least. Not so with the bands latest release Stone Age.

I found Stone Age extremely difficult to listen to for a number of different reasons. The first problem I have with the disc is it sounds as if it were recorded in a garage or in perhaps in someone’s basement. Sonically it is a complete mess and it appears to me that all of the faders on the mixing board were just maxed out, resulting in an overdriven barrage of noise.

Vocally, David Rushman’s vocals are so irritating and annoying that I had to force myself to listen to them, the indiscernible, incessant screaming is much more than I can handle, even in small doses.

I wish I could say that there was any redeemable quality on Stone Age but try as I might I was unable to find anything at all. In my ever so humble opinion, this is pushing the limits of what can be considered ‘music’. I realize that there are bands out there that push the musical limits in an attempt to be extreme and while that genre is not necessarily my cup of tea I do often times see merit in the musicianship or in the production of the project. Not the case here, I really am not sure what the point in this disc is at all.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Stone Age
02. No future
03. Brown Concrete
04. Sipper
05. 6686
06. Send More Cops
07. Cannabisaur
08. Xanax Zombies
09. Corona Sports
10. Piss & Vinegar

Run Time: 31:18