After many Ep’s Southern Ontario’s very own Misguided Aggression release there debut album Hatchala. This album is a mix of classical, technical and thrashy metal riffs with crushing hardcore breakdowns. MA herein show they are heavily influenced by classic metal bands such as Meshuggah, Pantera, Lamb Of God and Unearth; which they blend with newer metal/hardcore bands of today such as: For Today, Beneath The Massacre and Acacia Strain.

Some of my personal favorites are “Mustard Gas And Roses”, “Pigs In Market”, “Flesh To Gold”, “Metal Horn Bessy” and the melodic and technical instrumental song “The Palamnaeusus Fulvipes”.

Misguided Aggression are simply a band you just have to check out for yourself. The energy they give off live in concert is positively ridiculous and somehow they make absolutely everyone move. This band is great for people heavy into classic metal.

If you want to hear something different, yet familiar, then check this band… they are pretty sick. 8 Metal Horn Bessy’s out of 10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Hatchala
02. Our Kingdom Come
03. Pigs In The Market
04. Faces Of Abomination
05. The Palamnaeuses Fulvipes
06. Mustard Gas & Roses
07. Flesh To Gold
08. Metal Horn Bessy

Run Time: 25:02