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Album Review

I See Stars

3-D (04.12.2009)



I see stars are one of the newest additions to the growing Sumerian Records line-up. Sumerian is well-known for having amazing, technical metal bands such as The Faceless, Born Of Osiris, After The Burial and Veil Of Maya to name a few. That said, this is why when I first heard I See Stars, I was taken by surprise.

Upon hearing the first song “Project Wakeup” I was greeted with a very pop-influenced singing, then a metal screaming. The song features a Metalcore breakdown, techno-like keyboards in the background. rapid double kick drums and constant changes in styles. Needless to say, this is quite unlike most Sumerian artists; and quite unique in general for that matter.

3-D is an amazing mix of Metal/Hardcore/Pop/Rock/Melodic/Dance/2-Step/Techno/Rap and Reggae – I am not even exaggerating! I See Stars have a way of smoothly blending all of these genres into extremely catchy and original jams. Some of my personal favorites include “The Common Hours”, “I Am Jacks Smirking Revenge”, “Save The Cheerleader”, “What This Means To Me” and “Sing This,” which features by far, some of the fastest rapping I have ever heard in my life.

Additionally, the record features a very melodic interlude called “The Ocean”; quite the nice reprise from the fast attack of tunes. Overall 3-D is a jaw-dropping album that you most certainly need to experience for yourself. I strongly recommend it to fans of Attack! Attack!, The Devil Wears Prada, Our Last Night and Eyes Set To Kill. That said, I also recommend this to everyone else… check them out. 10 Amazingly mixed genres out of 10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Project Wakeup
02. The Common Hours
03. 3D
04. I Am Jack’s Smirking Revenge
05. Save The Cheerleader
06. The Big Bad Wolf
07. Where The Sidewalk Ends
08. Comfortably Confused
09. Sing This! (feat. BIZZY BONE)
10. The Ocean (Prelude)
11. What This Means To Me

Run Time: 31:21