Worship is the newest release from Japanese thrash metal band Grief Of War. From the very first note, it is clear that these guys are serious. This disc is a serious, head-banging, thrasher designed to get your neck snapping and keep it in motion for the full forty-four minutes. The LP begins with the intense and ferocious “Crack Of Doom” and does not let up until the finale, “Lost.” In between are some super solid, hard and heavy tunes that are rife with in-your-face riffing and screaming guitar leads. Worship is sure to be a welcome addition to any neck wrencher’s catalog.

The Thrash Metal movement has one again been gaining momentum here in the United States and with the release of Worship, Grief Of War are solidifying its comeback across the globe as well. The riffs are monstrous, the drums are thunderous and the bass is pounding all resulting in a very good effort. This is a bona fide, authentic Thrash Metal Record.

Personal favorites of mine on this disc include the driving, “Capture Soul Eternity” and the breakneck, shred filled, “A New Kind Of Wicked.” The guitar work on this song in particular is mind-blowing and the leads are quite impressive. These guys can play their asses off and have a fervor that is second to none.

I am not aware of very many Japanese metal bands that have made a name for themselves globally (other than Loudness) but with the release of Worship, Grief Of War might just garner the attention of the Metal Heads Worldwide and rightly so as this is a very good disc and a solid thrasher. If you are a fan of good Thrash music than Worship is necessary disc for your collection.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Crack Of Doom
02. Disorder
03. Captured Soul Eternity
04. New Kind Of Wicked
05. Revolt
06. Built My Brain
07. Worship
08. Into The Void
09. Midnight Sun
10. Lost

Run Time: 44:07
Release Date: 07.12.2009