Nothing hooks me more than catchy licks and lyrics… especially lyrics I can understand! Unfortunately radio today only plays… well… you know what they play, and what they don’t play. This record is perfect for satellite radio or online streaming “radio” sites. It’s chalk full of catchy riffs, and melodies that are undeniably likeable. The vocals are effortless, and the production is seamless, each song flows right into the other. The title track of the album could easily be the most popular track off this record. Definitely a melodic rock effort. This debut album is one to be proud of.

There’s an uncanny scent of John Feldman all over this record, not only because he produced it, but you can really notice without telling who produced it, which had some influence. John Feldman is not only an amazing artist, but I can truly say I am a fan of all his work.

At first glance at looking at the band you think “great another screamo outfit”, but looks are truly deceiving here. This album is very colourful and endearing; the guitars are sultry and the vocals welcoming. With lyrics like” “If looks could kill you’d be a murdered” one is only enticed more into the music. Truly an album for everyone.

I would definitely check this record out; most of the band has fallen to date so there will be a radical difference in the vox department. It’s a bit disheartening to hear about the fallout, whatever the reason for them having a line up change, but best of luck to them nonetheless.

Track Listing:

01. Hotel
02. Prototype
03. Just Another Day
04. Not An Angel
05. Walker’s Ridge
06. Ordinary High
07. I Can’t Make You Love Me
08. Andrea
09. Bones
10. Be A Man
11. Sleep With Me
12. Check Out

Run Time: 36:56
Release Date: 10.09.2007